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Pastel blue, thin straps, knee length, very sparkly. Long, mint green, strapless, also quite sparkly. Short, black, sweetheart necked and strapless, but paired with bright shoes it looks just as cute as anyone’s. Rich purple, and looks like a “princess dress”–short sleeved and knee-length, with a long of petticoat layers for poof. I think it’s great, but he needs time for himself too. I think it gets him out of the house. He’s so cute when he plays volleyball I just want to be with him all the time I like to be around him a lot, but I also know when he needs a little space.

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She is an exuberant and cheerful girl. She began sixth grade and is having a hard time at school, because a boy named Akito Hayama is causing chaos in her classroom, and she sets out to stop him and bring peace to her world. However, she soon learns that there is more to Akito than it seems. Her biological mother abandoned her after her birth and was found by Misako who then adopted her.

Sana learned this when she is five years old but doesn’t say anything until her mother publishes a book about it. After this, she meets her biological mother and half-sister for the first time. While she is energetic and always has a smile on her face, she has a temper and fierce determination. She never backs down from a fight, especially against Akito, who is considered to be her rival, friend, and later on, her lover.

Initially, she thought that her manager, Rei, was her boyfriend, but after a fight with her mother, she realizes that she simply loved him in a platonic way. Sana began her acting career at the Komawari Theater Troupe when she was five years old, and now stars in a popular variety program called Child’s Toy, and several commercials. During the course of the series, her career flourishes, and she stars in TV dramas and a feature film among other projects.

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He has a distant relationship with his sister, and feels that this will never change. However, this suddenly changes when he finds one of her eroge and, after confronting her with it, learns that she is an otaku. Through this experience he realizes that he knows very little about his sister, including her being a model as well as an exemplary student. He decides to become more of an older brother to her.

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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I’ve ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Mobile Suit Gundam War in the Pocket is a Deconstruction of the brand, and is one of the most violent and visceral depictions of warfare seen in the entire franchise. The final episode features a fairly pointed Take That! Bet you can’t wait for the next Gundam show so you can revel in that bloodshed too! Char’s Counterattack , and the man states that Well-Intentioned Extremist or not, any person who would try to commit genocide even in the name of “saving humanity” is still an asshole and A Nazi by Any Other Name.

This can come off as this trope towards elitist Gundam fans and especially fans of Gundam Build Fighters who derided Gundam Build Fighters Try for that exact reason. Sakura’s infamous fake love confession to Naruto in Chapter reads like a bullet list of all the oft-cited reasons why they should be together, which makes Naruto’s flabbergasted reaction to it ” I hate people who lie to themselves! Kakashi describing Sakura as a kind person and defending her persistent feelings for Sasuke—saying that, unlike hate, love doesn’t need to be justified—could be interpreted as Kishimoto’s own defense of Sakura against common fan criticisms alleging she is a shallow bitch whose love for Sasuke is a bad thing.

If translations are correct, the author himself apparently expressed concern with Sakura’s reception among audiences. The two-page manga short released as a tie-in to the canon movie The Last: In the latter after Sakura confesses to Naruto that she’s gotten over Sasuke and now loves Naruto, it ends with Sakura explicitly stating that on their first date she wants to go to a nice restaurant and definitely not to Ichiraku. The two-page manga short has Naruto and Hinata on their first date, with Naruto at first trying to take her to an expensive restaurant, but upon noticing that the frantic Naruto is short on cash, Hinata then suggests going to Ichiraku instead.

But in the end it turns out Sakura is indeed Sarada’s mother, and not only that, but Karin mentions also being good friends with Sakura. Many parts of Neon Genesis Evangelion , especially the infamous masturbation scene from End of Evangelion.

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This story was created with Twee and is powered by TiddlyWiki Delicious StumbleUpon Twitter One of them puts his hand on your lower back and says “Awww come on, don’t be like that. Girl End]] You guys kiss and go home together. It’s cool when consenting adults do this. Big parties like this are intimidating, and you find yourself standing alone.

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Spazzdude Hope this helps you all!!! Story Mode [Hero’s History] Narutimate Hero 3 vs Ultimate Ninja The game itself can be said to be an extreme cross between Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 and Super Smash Bros. B3 and the stage presence of SSBM. This menu is asking if you want to customize your character. Select the bottom option for the default preset and select the top to customize. Here you choose which Ougi Special your char.

There are two options were. The top allows you to select you mini-battle. Option 1 – Command – Tap different random buttons Option 2 – Spin – Spin those analog as fast as possible Option 3 – Press – Mash a single random button till your arm hurts The bottom option allows you to select you char. After you are finished, tap X a few times untill you get to the level selection screen.

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She then proceeded to quiz me longer than anybody else on the storyline and Hans Christian Anderson just trying to get me to fuck anything up. I even had to BS a reason as to why the story was historically important even though she never said it had to be, but my BS was on point.

Read at your own risk. Trying to trigger heart events without a proper guide was pretty difficult, urgh. But the rest of the marriage requirements were surprisingly easy. They have their own requirements. There are a lot of heart events in this game, and you must see ALL of them plus at least some of the friendship events, I think before you can marry.

Before dating, you have to see all their events up until their green event in order to unlock the pendant, the item you need to begin your courtship. You can trigger a confession event anytime and anywhere! All you have to do is show the pendant to the marriage candidate you wish to date.

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He has a distant relationship with his sister, and feels that this will never change. However, this suddenly changes when he finds one of her eroge and, after confronting her with it, learns that she is an otaku. Through this experience he realizes that he knows very little about his sister, including her being a model as well as an exemplary student. He decides to become more of an older brother to her.

Despite Kyosuke being older, his sister is generally the dominant person in their relationship, with Kyosuke only standing up to her in truly serious situations. Kyosuke initially claims to prefer a relatively peaceful and simple life, but grows to enjoy spending time with his sister as well as the drama she causes to the point where he becomes lonely when she is not around.

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Contents [ show ] Appearance Chiba has black hair with long bangs that cover his eyes. His bangs mark off part of his vision like a gun sight and is the reason for his remarkable skill with firearms. Chiba has an intense gaze that made others uncomfortable, which is the reason for growing out his bangs. Personality Chiba is a serious and stoic boy. He’s very calm and business like and doesn’t talk a lot. Like Hayami, he has been compared to a working adult and though the two are very similar, Chiba is less stoic than Hayami.

On the other hand, Chiba is shown to notice the small details of people around him. An example of this trait is when he notices Karma being glum over his fallen grades and cheers him up by prompting him to insult Korosensei about the Home Economics scores.

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