National guard soldiers reunited with dog they rescued from Afghanistan – and her seven new puppies

Have they “earned” it already? Well, how about it, Ranger snob? Army Soldiers all along beginning with combat arms, and to keep BLACK for Army Rangers many whom are infuriated bezerkoid that their sole ownership of the black color was taken away. Esperit de Corps is not reserved for just a few units to look good at the expense of everyone else, ALL Soldiers and units have their own colored distinctive beret and personalities that fits their mission profiles. He asks, “Why not the same ethos here in the U. Now the fun begins! Army-wide Black Beret being worn: Self-image is not a trivial matter, and the military snobs who want to have the majority of the Army’s Soldiers walk around defeated and dejected just so they can feel superior know it.


In Prague, the military said the dead soldiers were Czech. The attack by a lone bomber on foot happened at 6am in the city of Charikar in Parwan province 60 kilometres 37 miles north of Kabul, said provincial governor’s spokesman Wahida Shahkar. In pictures, Looking back at British troops in Sangin, Afghanistan The Taliban in a statement claimed responsibility, saying they killed or wounded eight American soldiers in a “tactical explosion”.

The NATO force largely ended its combat mission in Afghanistan in and pulled out the bulk of its troops. A 16,strong residual force remains for training and counter-terrorism operations.

July 8, It was clear from our very first date that my boyfriend Omri probably has post-traumatic stress disorder. We were at a jazz club in Jerusalem. I’m not sure what the sound was — a car backfiring, a cat knocking over trash can, a wedding party firing celebratory shots into the air. But whatever it was, the sound caused Omri to jump in his seat and tremble. He gazed up at me, his eyes wet, his pupils swollen like black olives. The noise clearly carried a different meaning for him, one I didn’t understand.

He slowly took another puff of his cigarette, careful to steady his shaking hands. The first time he shot a man dead, Omri told me, he cried. America’s military systems actively discourages people from getting diagnosed and seeking treatment for PTSD because of the costs. They are unable to communicate, even with just little things.

Former soldier’s poignant poppy tribute to the fallen in Afghanistan

He was a serial killer who killed a number of American teenagers. The mothers of the victims screamed and hurled obscenities at him. Strangers unrelated to the victims will also hate you and hold you in contempt for what you have done. There is no way you will ever convince any of these people to forgive you.

An Afghan security official checks people at the security checkpoint in Helmand province, Afghanistan. An Afghan Army solider was shot and killed after he opened fired on U.S. Army soldiers.

Application has been deleted. Testimonials My name is Brad Nelson and I received a care package from you today. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Myself along with the rest of my company is extremely grateful for your generosity. The treats that you sent were a huge boost in moral and made my day along with many others. It is such a great feeling to know that there are people like you who are willing to support our troops.

I received one the other day and it is so nice to have some comfort items and necessities. I really appreciate your kindness, caring thoughts and prayers!

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Wounded in battle, he was later shortchanged on his pay by the Pentagon. Army medic Shawn Aiken was once again locked in desperate battle with a formidable foe. Not insurgents in Iraq, or Taliban fighters in Afghanistan – enemies he had already encountered with distinguished bravery. This time, he was up against the U.

Jan 04,  · Re: Army scam – Kabul, Afghanistan by vpj Wed Jan 04, am I am having this issue as well he is saying he is a Nurse in the Army stationed out of CA at Camp Pinington he is in Afghanastan and has asked for a computer and a cell phone and a care package sent to someone in the US who is his captains wife and then she will send it to him.

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Three NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan

August 21 , 6: Among other things, he said that the U. There are currently about 8, U.

A common scam is swindlers posing as soldiers of the US army are based in Afghanistan, Iraq or similar. dating personal ad naughty date sites dating cupid Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for most people it is a good time to find that special someone .

A CST member smiles with an Afghan girl in Kandahar province in , during a visit to deliver school supplies, food and clothes. Eventually they reached a tiny village where the men of 75th Ranger Regiment were at work seeking the weapons and insurgent who was the target of their mission. They were on nighttime combat operations, learning what Afghan women knew about what was happening in their communities and keeping them separated from the work Rangers were charged with doing nearby.

Violating this tradition would cause grave offense and alienate the same Afghans the United States was and is so eager to win over. Beginning in , U. And that reality translated into more opportunities opening up to American servicewomen who wanted to be part of a mission that mattered at the heart of the battle. As CSTs became a trusted component of these overall operations, some team members took on additional roles and others received commendations for helping to find critical intelligence that would otherwise have gone unfound.

Treadmont and her teammates carried out their assignment for special operations every night and, in the process, CST became the name to which they answered and the family to which they belonged.

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A combat medic claims he returned from Afghanistan to discover a conman had used his photos to catfish around 30 women and dupe them out of thousands of dollars. US Army veteran Albert Lovato, 39, says pictures he posted on Facebook were stolen and used to create fake profiles on social media and dating sites. Posing as the uniformed dad-of-three, the scammer approached women around the world, including in the US, Canada, India, Costa Rica and the Philippines.

He says the impersonator showered them with compliments, lured them into a long-distance relationship and wooed them with offers of marriage to win their hearts. Then, in chats over Facebook Messenger, the fraudster spun lies about being injured in combat and his children back home being sick and asked them to send him money.

A common scam is swindlers posing as soldiers of the US army are based in Afghanistan, Iraq or similar. This is another form of expression that is available for members to express themselves. For someone who is short of things as time and experience, this can be a great way to break into online dating.

After years of bad luck with dating, she, like millions of people across the globe, started using online dating sites to meet new people. A few years ago, she received what appeared to be a promising email on the dating site Match. The man told her that he was a U. Air Force pilot deployed to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. He said he was a widower with an adorable daughter — the type of man and family that she’d been looking for, and most of all, he seemed very interested in Schuster.

The relationship quickly intensified, and Schuster fell hard, emailing multiple times each day. He sent her poetry and page after page of emails professing his love. The man even sent her a few pictures dressed in his military uniform, and he was very handsome.

Online Scammers Pose as US Soldiers to Rob Unsuspecting Women

Ten years later he tracked down four of the men from the unit. What effect did the war have on them? Violent neighbourhood As we drove into the market in al-Dora in southern Baghdad the driver announced: It was April and the Americans, after years of unsuccessfully fighting the insurgency sparked by their invasion of Iraq, were striving one last time for some sort of victory.

Tens of thousands of extra troops were going in – the Surge.

The soldiers really like the items and even more is the fact that there are people like you that care and think about us while we are away from our families. So again I am very thankful to .

By Kristen Bialik The number of active-duty U. The decline, reflecting a broader one in active-duty U. There were around 1. The five countries with the largest active-duty U. And there were 71, personnel stationed in South Korea in , nearly triple the military presence in While this analysis begins in for consistency, earlier data show there were nearly , total Defense Department personnel in Korea as of June 30, — just before the Korean Armistice Agreement established a new border between North and South Korea.

Within the past 60 years, the U. The number of active-duty U.

Thousands of women targeted by online military scam

Read on for the most impressive female soldiers around the world! Russia Women have been active in the Russian army throughout history performing various functions, either joining in disguise or tacitly accepted by various corps. The famous female colonel Maria Bochkareva, who was decorated three times and promoted to senior NCO rank, headed the Death Brigade in There is also a story of a group of 12 schoolgirls from Moscow who joined the army in disguise.

Today, the established opinion is that females simply lack the body strength to carry wounded men in full combat gear out of the hot zone, but on the other hand, women are regarded as fully capable of killing the enemy. Queen Elizabeth II certainly proved the tenacity of women when she joined the British Army, drove a truck, and worked on vehicles.

Dec 27,  · By Lloyd’s count, he has spent some 1, days working in Afghanistan in the past four years. He, like many other well-trained military men, decided to leave his position as a Navy SEAL and take his chances finding employment in one of the hot spots around the world where highly skilled contractors were well-paid, and in demand.

Embassy in Kabul were killed and 11 American contractors wounded in the massive suicide truck bomb attack that rocked the diplomatic quarter in Afghan capital on Wednesday, the State Department said. One other Afghan guard was reported missing. None of the wounded Americans appears to have life-threatening injuries as a result of the attack in which Afghan officials say at least 90 people were killed and were wounded.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson condemned the attack, offering condolences to the families and friends of the victims and prayers for recovery of those wounded. President Trump spoke with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in the aftermath of the attack, which CBS News correspondent Debora Patta reports was one of the worst attacks Kabul has seen since the drawdown of foreign forces at the end of An Afghan man reacts at the site of a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan May 31, Reuters “I have been to many attacks, taken wounded people out of many blast sites, but I can say I have ever seen such a horrible attack as I saw this morning,” ambulance driver Alef Ahmadzai told The Associated Press.

The Taliban flatly denied any involvement in an email to news outlets and condemned all attacks against civilians. The explosion occurred at the peak of Kabul’s rush hour when roads are packed with worktime commuters, Patta reports.

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