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Handles like these are usually fixed directly to a latch which lifts as the handle is turned see Figure 2. This typical 17th century latch is fastened directly to a drop handle on the other side of the door. The two split ends of the rod which connect the handle to the latch can be seen protruding through the hole at the pivot point on the left, where they have been turned over to grip the latch. Note the incised saltire cross and line decoration. Note the saltire cross decoration. Fixtures and fittings are vitally important in enabling an old property to retain its character. Early vernacular fittings in particular have a unique charm and interest that is the product of their manufacture, their style and ornamentation, and their age.

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Even from the very start back in , when we were founded as Bixby Lumber Company, we have worked to be the best building material supplier in the industry. By offering a full array of lumber, building materials, custom cabinets, and just about everything else a home builder and DIY customer would need, we believe we are meeting that goal. We have a full array of services and rental equipment to help you with your next project. Be sure to stop into our store to check out The Color Bar.

This Yale catalog No. 26 was issued in (not ). The publication date is indicated on page IV.

Note the decoration to the tumbler and spring. Below, a diagram of the Banbury lock, showing mechanism set into a wooden stock, and the distinctive key with a collar set within the width of the bit. When considering church locks it seems particularly appropriate that the earliest depiction of a lock should be found on a bas-relief in an Egyptian temple at Kamak dating from BC. Although not immediately recognisable to modern eyes, and being somewhat cumbersome in operation, it functioned effectively.

The principle, that of raising pins to create a shearline to allow movement, was rediscovered by Linus Yale Senior in and further developed and refined by his son Linus Junior between and to give the pin tumbler cylinder lock so widely used today. The Greeks are credited with the invention of the keyhole, the point of a sickle shaped implement being inserted through a small hole in the door, and, with a slight rotary motion, closing or withdrawing a large bolt A Linear B tablet dating to BC, excavated in Crete, was translated.

Thus the Mayors and their wives and the Vice-Mayors and key-bearers and supervisors of figs and hoeing will contribute bronze for ships and the points of arrows and spears. By the time that Vesuvius erupted in 79AD, when a metal worker’s shop was overwhelmed, locks had been developed and had assumed a form recognisable to modern eyes.

Many have been excavated both from Pompeii and from the numerous Roman sites in Europe and the Middle East.

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Missing just one of these little hinges? They are in very good condition and the perfect finishing touch to that table or chest you are restoring or building. The double flap on one side held on with a screw keeps them from deviating from a precise 90 degree

At SOSS, we opened the door of innovation with our exceptional Invisible Hinge and our revolutionary UltraLatch. Don’t settle for what’s conventional, let SOSS introduce you to a brand new way to open your doors!

Bronze is an alloy that contains mostly copper, tin and some lead. By adding tin to copper, workers created a metal that was stronger and impervious to corrosion. Bronze artifacts have been found dating from as early as 3, BC. How is Bronze gate hardware different from Brass gate hardware? Brass is also an alloy of copper, but differs from bronze in that its primary additive is zinc instead of tin. This process that begins upon exposure to heat and humidity is the leaching of zinc from the metal.

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Antique Furniture These situations are common occurrences for antique collectors, restorers and store owners. It is important for those interested in antique furniture to be aware of the types and styles of hardware used on a specific piece including the material and design. It is also helpful to know where to find original and high quality reproduction hardware for antique furniture. Original Hardware for Antique Furniture There are several types of businesses that carry, and often specialize in, original hardware for antique furniture.

These include architectural artifact companies, antique hardware shops and some antique stores.

Iron Handles and Latches SUFFOLK LATCHES The Suffolk latch, so designated in “English Metal Work by Wm. Twopeny,” is a cusp type, consisting of an upper and lower cusp or plate joined together by a central grasp or handle.

Take a look at the seven reasons we think this design trend is worth considering. Add character to your entry There is certainly something delightful about seeing a dutch door on a home that adds instant personality. Immediately, your guests will see your home as a place that is friendly and welcoming with a touch of relaxed country charm. Town and Country Living 2.

Let in more fresh air. There are few things more relaxing than letting the sunshine and fresh breeze flow through your home. Dutch doors provide an opportunity to let your home breathe when the weather is just right. It’s even better when you have a breathtaking view like the home below. My Favorite and My Best 3.

Keeps pets and children in and unwanted creatures out. And while you’re letting the fresh air in, you don’t have to worry about anyone sneaking out – or in – when they’re not supposed to. It’s a little peace of mind that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere to the fullest.

door | garage door | entrance doors | patio doors | security | hardware

Painting door hardware, or not? What I keep wondering, what did they do with the door hinges and rim locks on new hoses in the ‘s? Where they painted the trim color? I know some came from the factory in black lacquer, My hinges are just standard cast iron butt hinges. I have been stripping layers of gobbed up paint off this stuff and I’m not eager to gob them up again.

Antique Furniture Hardware If you have any questions, please contact us at or by email at [email protected] By clicking purchase you acknowledge the Terms, Conditions & Return Policy ~~View Policy~~ Antique Furniture Hardware.

How are antique doorbells installed? What is “antique” hardware? An antique, according to the federal government United States Customs is an item over years old. For the purposes of dating antique hardware we typically rely on the date of an antique hardware catalogue which shows the item or, in some instances, the age of the building it was removed from. There are as many definitions of “vintage” as there are queries.

Within this web site I consider an item as vintage if it is over 50 years old.

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With local roots dating back to , the Calder family has worked diligently to maintain the high standards established years ago. Calder Door has a long history of sales, installation, distribution, service, and repair of commercial and residential garage doors and entrance doors. We sell and install products for your home including garage door, garage door openers, entrance doors, storm doors, patio doors, sliding glass doors, basement doors, and retractable awnings.

Calder door also has a staff of service technicians that are trained and qualified to repair your garage door and garage door opener. Our large inventory of replacement parts and 24 hour garage door repair service offers quick response and repair time to keep your door in working condition.

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InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Green links show where you are. Here we provide a photo gallery and comments about door hardware from various countries, and where possible we include dates and historical information. Below, a more-modern keyed door lock and an antique door pull on a door at the Palacio Pisani in Venice, Genoa’s historic enemy.

Our second door photo below shows an elegantly-simple self-closing door hinge at a door in the Palacio Brandolini Rota, also in Venice. This hinge uses the weight of the door to swing the door shut. Clicking any of the photos at this website will display a larger, higher resolution image. This door uses lock hardware and a brass turn handle and key opening. Notice in both the door hardware photos above and those shown below that unlike contemporary passage door locksets, the knob setback distance from the door edge is considerably greater.

Above and below are more examples of door hardware from the Suffolk Resolves house. Below are a collection of antique door knobs in a shop in Boston’s Boylston area and a ceramic door knob and ceramic keyhole cover from Locust Grove, an Italinate villa built in Poughkeepsie, NY for Samuel Morse in Our second photo below of door latch and locking hardware, also from the Justin Smith Morrill house most-likely date from two different epochs, with the cast-iron locking door latch added later.

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Do not see your vehicle here? View similar products Total: This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Sherman will last a lifetime.

nesting buddy tinder petitor hinge scores $12m to bring its friends invaluable glass door cabinet hinge aliexpress buy richelieu self closing hinge antique copper.

Trademarks The name “Bridgeport” was registered as a trademark with the first use given as Bridgeport used a number of unregistered brands for its products, including “Matchless”, “Hy-Bar”, and other names. References and Resources Photographs and observations of particular tools are based on items in the Alloy Artifacts collection. Biographical information on Willis F. Clarke Publishing Company in The section on Willis F. Hobbs begins on page , and the article provides an interesting account of the founding and early operations of the company.

The overall length is 7. The pliers earn their “universal” name by incorporating both flat and rounded gripping surfaces, a wire-cutting slot, a slip-joint adjustment, and a screwdriver tip on one handle.

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Cast iron floor and baseboard registers have been around for over a hundred years and have remained more or less unchanged as far as function is concerned. After all the effort that goes into new or refinished hardwood floors, most of our clients are looking for a register with a little more style and substance than the light-weight variety that is widely available. The Door Store offers a large selection of stunning antique registers as well as quality cast reproductions in many sizes.

Antique Registers Beauty Restored. When we get them they are usually caked in a century of paint and the intricate patterns are barely discernable.

Stylish patio furniture allows you to enjoy your hard work in the garden at the end of the day. Olde Good Things holds stock of vintage and antique patio furniture in a variety of styles and materials.

Thank you for your interest in our products 18th century Ball and Ball produces antique reproduction hardware of the highest quality. We have built our reputation by only producing items that are true reproductions. Using the 18th century craftsman as our guide we carefully recreate the expertise of that period. All hardware is produced in our small plant in Exton PA.

Our craftsmen take pride in creating something unique every day! Chest Lifts, Hinges in brass, forged iron and cast iron, Casters and Clock hardware. Builder’s hardware Ball and Ball antique reproduction builder’s hardware, is accurate in every detail to original hardware, making it unique among most builders’ hardware available today. Door hardware for interior and exterior doors in brass, cast iron and hand forged iron, including Rim locks, Mortise locks, Decorative and Plain Hinges and Cremone Bolts.

Our window hardware line includes, Sash Locks and Sash lifts, available in many styles. Fireplace Click image to enlarge No restoration or reproduction of an 18th century house is complete without a fireplace.

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Gwen gives tips on dating a house. Briefing What do we really know about any building? Is there a shady past?

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You will find many unusual styles, specializing in rare figural patterns. Most of the higher quality antique hardware was made of cast bronze and dates from c. At this time there are still many different hardware patterns available. Also offered are complete sets of antique door hardware, in both passage and entry size, along with some of the finest sets of restored antique pocket door hardware available.

Most are very ornate and in fine condition, ready for another years of use. When collecting, I tried to purchase items in the best condition, with the least amount of wear, that either caught my eye or that I thought looked unusual. I also have for sale some hard to find antique hardware that seldom becomes available. Once these pieces are sold, it will likley be awhile, if ever, for another to re-surface.

When buying the original antique hardware which was proudly made in the U. Back in the day, hardware companies were highly competitive to out-do their competitor to make the better hardware. Most was intricately carved into molds by an artist then compressed from bronze. The construction of the piece was precisely made by master craftsman’s who’s pride in making the finest product possible was more important than the cost to make the product.

As a result the hardware was made to last and had unsurpassed detail, many pieces could actually be compared to fine jewelry.

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