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Stress Stress in standard Bengali normally falls on the initial syllable of a word. The position of stress alone does not affect word meaning. Grammar Bengali is an inflected language, i. Bengali typically uses postpositions, rather than prepositions. Nouns Nouns are marked for case: There are two numbers: Plural markers are added only to count nouns with animate or definite referents. Animacy is marked in the plural.

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Kolkata is a foodie’s paradise Unlike Mumbai and Delhi, eating out in Kolkata can be economical From Bengali specialities to other cuisines, here are meals under Rs. We know the Bengalis love their fish , but that’s not all what the city is famous for. Stroll down the streets and every nook and corner will offer you a mouth-watering range of delicacies – from r asgulla , chom chom and sandesh, to samosas, puchkas, jhal muri , mutton chop, luchi aloo, ghugni, kosha mangsho – you name it!

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With its proximity to sea and green urban areas, Kolkata offers number romantic places , couples restaurants and various other beautiful gardens and park where they can spend quality private moments with each other. Lovers Points in Kolkata can be beautiful gardens with nature all around , a beautiful restaurant where you can have a candlelit dinner or other natural places which are away from crowd of the city.

If you would like to visit Kolkata for your honeymoon or as a romantic getaway then we have listed some of the romantic places to visit in Kolkata. You can also plan to visit these places to make your valentine day in Kolkata a special one. It is a perfect place for couples who want to enjoy their time together with fun-filled activities. Nicco Park is located at Salt Lake in Kolkata.


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Koel Mallick and Sayantika Banerjee during Bengali movie Hirogiri’s press meet, held at Park Hotel, Kolkata. (BCCL) See more of: Sayantika Banerjee, Koel Mallick Sayantika Banerjee, Koel Mallick.

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A few Rajput tribes from his army permanently settled around Dhaka and surrounding lands. Later, in the early 17th century, Islam Khan conquered all of Bengal. However, administration by governors appointed by the court of the Mughal Empire gave way to semi-independence of the area under the Nawabs of Murshidabad , who nominally respected the sovereignty of the Mughals in Delhi.

The Bengal Subah province in the Mughal Empire was the wealthiest state in the subcontinent. Bengal’s trade and wealth impressed the Mughals so much that it was described as the Paradise of the Nations by the Mughal Emperors. In terms of shipbuilding tonnage during the 16th—18th centuries, the annual output of Bengal alone totaled around 2, , tons, larger than the combined output of the Dutch , — , tons , the British , tons , and North America 23, tons.

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Comments 15 Historical Bengal region in the north- eastern part of South Asia. Mainly inhabited by Bengalis , whose native language is Bengali. Since , Bengal was divided along religious lines into two parts: It should be noted that the Bengalis – one of the most numerous peoples in the world. Their number is more than million people.

Among Indian and Bangladeshi actresses and models, winners of beauty contests are so many people from Bengal.


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The region exported the fabric to Ancient Greece and Rome. The Bengali silk industry declined after the growth of Japanese silk production. Rajshahi silk continues to be produced in northern Bangladesh. Murshidabad and Malda are the centers of the silk industry in West Bengal. After the reopening of European trade with medieval India, Mughal Bengal became the world’s foremost muslin exporter in the 17th century.

Mughal-era Dhaka was a center of the worldwide muslin trade.

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Kolkata has 3 main seasons: Summer, Monsoon, and Winter. These months are very humid and sometimes sultry. The average annual rainfall is about 1, mm and most of rain falls in this monsoon season. Winter runs from November to February. Winter is the best season to visit the city as these months are most pleasant and rainless.

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There was, however, a time when Burma did not just exist in the realm of imagination. It was a place which many called home. Burma was a part of the British Raj in India till — thereafter it was granted the status of a separate colony. But the transformation of Burma to Myanmar has not been without its consequences. In recent times, the only news coming out of Burma is that of the persecution of the Rohingya community whose very existence is denied by the Burmese state and have been dubbed as illegal Bengali migrants.

It is amidst such grim news and with much apprehension that I boarded an Air India flight from Kolkata to Yangon on 16 July. On the Irrawaddy River. Tathagata Dutta As a historian working on Bengal-Burma environmental continuum, I not only wanted a first-hand experience of knowing the country and its people, but was also interested in visiting the National Archive Department in Yangon Rangoon. At the very outset, I must declare that the Burmese are exceptionally warm and welcoming to foreigners —and more so if they know that one comes from the land of Bodh Gaya.

The animosity of the Burmese against the once affluent Indian community which economically dominated Burma for much of the colonial period is long forgotten. Even though there are several restrictions regarding access to material, I was struck by the modernity of the archival system in Yangon. The Archive, housed in an old colonial building, is furnished with ornate teak wood furniture yet sleek computers.

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